Stressed or calm

Could Hypnotherapy for stress, be a valuable benefit? Patients and our health service are showing signs of strain as yet another research study result published in the journal of Leukocyte biology, showing the damaging results of prolonged unabated stress on the immune system 

Over the years, as a hypnotherapist in Deal Kent, I have seen the problems caused by prolonged high stress levels. Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapeutic tool for reducing the damaging effects of high levels of damaging hormones. Stress in itself isn’t an enemy, it’s generally a good thing; it can motivate and drive us to high levels of achievement. It can stimulate us and push us forward, think of the exhilaration of a roller coaster or thrill of a skydive. We call that excitement but, physiologically it has the same effect on our bodies. It is only our perception of it that is different.

We all experience stress in our lives at some time or other, but when it is continual and unremitting, or we feel under more pressure than we think we can cope with, that’s when it can lead to – or exacerbate – physical and/or psychological symptoms, it raises inflammatory levels in the body. Studies show that raised inflammatory levels can – in the longer term – lead  to serious conditions such as heart disease, dementia and cancer. Apart from physiological problems high stress levels can inevitably impact on relationships. 

But with the right techniques Stress can be reduced and controlled. Exercise, diet, and sufficient sleep are vital for reducing stress levels, and Hypnotherapy for stress, has been shown to be excellent at reducing stress hormone levels, inducing calm and relaxation and enabling a feeling of control over our lives. A good hypnotherapist can give you an understanding of the workings of the unconscious mind and its effects on the physical body that, combined with a deep relaxation or “trance state” in hypnosis and powerful hypnotic change-work, can have an amazing effect on a stressed and anxious mind, even if you are already suffering symptoms of stress, you will reap benefits quickly from nuanced hypnotherapy for stress symptoms. 

Stress symptoms may develop slowly over time, so we don’t always link physical or psychological changes with pressures we have in our lives.

Some typical stress symptoms could be:

·         Anxiety, feelings of panic or even full-blown panic attacks

·         Headaches

·         Muscle pains or tensions

·         Insomnia. sleep disturbance or sleeping more than usual

·         Irritation, tense, emotional or lacking patience with ourselves or others

·         Unable to make even simple decisions

·         Eating more than usual or a loss of appetite

·         Crying or tearful

·         Loss of confidence or total avoidance of social situations

·         Negative thinking or ruminating

·         Fatigue, tiredness or feeling unwell

·         Tingling in arms, face or other areas

·         Feeling light headed, dizzy or “spacey”

·         Drinking or smoking more

·         Loss of interest in sex

·         High blood pressure

·         Metallic taste in the mouth

I am based at the Martinvale clinic, in Martin Mill near Dover Kent, if you would like to have a free chat about how hypnotherapy for stress could help you, please contact me.