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Hypnotherapy for health anxiety

Hypnotherapy for health anxiety is an effective way to help with irrational fears of serious illness. Who hasn’t, at some time, wondered if that headache is a terminal brain tumour? Or that twinge in the chest is a serious heart disease? Self-diagnosing can lead to unnecessary worry and anxiety.

It’s normal to worry about signs and symptoms of illness. We are mere mortals after all, we all know that something will carry us off eventually…When does a natural concern, become something more serious and cause real anxiety problems?

Preoccupation about the bodily twinges or obsessing about symptoms even though your GP has done tests, and assured you there is nothing medically wrong, may be a sign that you are suffering from an irrational health anxiety.

It may be just a normal concern or could be at the other extreme. Hypochondriasis is a condition where the sufferer has an irrational belief about one or more symptoms. They are convinced they have a life-threatening condition, despite medical reassurances. It can be terrifying.


People who suffer this extreme condition – hypochondriacs – are completely preoccupied with thoughts of having a serious illness or even dying. It can cause extreme stress symptoms, intense fear and anxiety. Stress, if prolonged can itself cause medical symptoms which compounds the problem and leads the poor sufferer into a vicious cycle. It’s a miserable situation that even reassurances from Doctors do little to alleviate.

Health Anxiety

A lesser form of this condition but, can still be very frightening. The rise of the internet has lead to the term of “Cyberchondria” where people can and do, check their symptoms with “Dr Google” via the internet, where we can always find a dire diagnosis from even the most benign symptoms if we look hard enough!

Constant worry, fear, and dread is draining, demoralising and affects our quality of life. It is an irrational thought process; it may be linked with other conditions such as depression, generalised anxiety, panic disorders or OCD. There are many triggers for hypochondria; it can follow a serious illness in the sufferer or a member of the family or a death of someone close. It usually starts in adolescence but could occur at any stage in life.

Whatever the reason or cause, it has a serious impact on a hypnotherapy for health anxietysufferer. Constant fear. worrying and checking for signs and new symptoms takes its toll leading to stress related symptoms, increased heart and respiration rates, hyperventilation which can cause tingling sensation in the arms or hands, sleep disturbances, irritability, tearfulness and a feeling of being completely out of control of your body.

Hypnotherapy for health anxiety, a good hypnotherapist can help you to gain control of your fears. These irrational beliefs, are an unconscious process, and hypnosis works brilliantly with the unconscious part of the brain. Hypnotherapy and NLP combined with CBT techniques can help you to challenge and change those negative beliefs and checking behaviours. Anxiety feeds off fear and vice versa. You can stop that vicious circle of torment.

If you would like to have free chat about your health anxiety problem, to find out how hypnotherapy for health anxiety can help you. Please feel free to contact me




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