Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy  for anxiety, is being recognised as an effective and empowering therapy for people with anxiety and related conditions. According to Anxiety UK, more than 1 in 10 of us will experience a disabling anxiety disorder at some time in our lives in this country, and 13% of the population will develop a phobia.

Hospital admissions for stress and anxiety related problems are rising. There is a worrying upward trend of cases amongst young 17-24 women,  due, in part to the pressures of social media sites.

Anxiety disorders are common. A sufferer can feel trapped. They can affect anyone, at any stage in their life; it doesn’t distinguish between gender, age or ethnic background. It can be debilitating and extremely distressing. Sufferers may feel out of control and powerless to control their symptoms. More people nowadays are now looking for Hypnotherapy for anxiety.  A good Hypnotherapist can help you to gain control of and reduce both the symptoms and the physiological effects.

The symptoms of anxiety can be frightening, from mild symptoms including; nervousness, shyness, not wanting to attend social occasions where there are a lot of people, fear of going to public places, or maybe just that feeling of fear that affects us in times of stress or for no discernible reason. In more extreme cases of anxiety, Phobias, irritability, crying more, unable to make decisions, nausea, tingling feelings in extremities, obsessive compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress may develop in extreme cases, if the stress levels continue unabated, physical stress related conditions may include; gastric disorders including IBS, skin rashes, exacerbating eczema, psoriasis or hives, headaches, increased risk of migraines, high blood pressure, increased susceptibility to viruses, fatigue or exhaustion, insomnia, loss of sexual desire and many other physical symptoms.

Most of us experience anxiety at some time in our lives, and for most it usually a short and self-limiting condition, but for others it can be overpowering and quite frightening. One of the features of this problem is the perceived lack of control of the symptoms, “The fight or flight response” can affect the whole body, increasing the heart -palpitations- and respiration rate, causing digestive disturbances, feelings of light headedness and unreality, this in turn can cause the anxiety sufferer to feel and believe they are physically ill, which of course, increases anxiety even more. Leading to a vicious cycle.

Occasionally it develops into a long-term anxiety disorder. It could also cause full blown panic attacks, which can occur for no apparent reason without warning, although scary they are NOT dangerous.

More about panic attacks soon.

So how can you help yourself? First, I would urge you to have a check-up with your GP, to rule out any medical conditions which may be causing the symptoms. Medication for anxiety can be very effective. Others want to avoid drugs and possible side effects. Specialist hypnotherapy for anxiety, combined with psychotherapy techniques like CBT is extremely effective at helping people to cope with symptoms and lessen both the number and severity of attacks.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

A good Hypnotherapist will help you build self-confidence and can teach you relaxation techniques to use both when you feel anxious or panicky, as regular relaxation has been shown to reduce on anxiety. Hypnotherapy can work alongside medication and give you the tools to manage anxiety, and yes even control it completely.

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